Reiki Distance Healing Therapy

Your Reiki Distance Healing through Internet.

What is Reiki distance healing?

Energy therapies such as Reiki offer the possibility of distance treatments. This means that it is not necessary for the therapist and the patient to be physically located together in the same room. In fact, it is not necessary to be in the same city or even in the same country. Energy can be sent to anyone, anywhere on the planet.

To perform the therapy, the therapist needs only the patient full name, date of birth and birthplace. With this information the therapist can connect energetically with the patient and correctly perform a distance Reiki session.

I have created a special method of sending distance Reiki, which have been developed through more than 12 years of experience with Reiki. This system has been tested with a lot of people from different parts of the world with great results.

It is time to feel good

How It Works?

The distance Reiki healing is a very simple process. After buying the session, when Miquel have your data and you have agreed with him day and time, he will perform a distance Reiki session for you. During the session, Miquel perform a shipping of conventional energy combined with several proprietary techniques or different styles of Reiki, developing a very full session. Here are some general guidelines for a distance Reiki healing session:

  • Find a quiet place where to be comfortable and relaxed.
  • Create a pleasant atmosphere with candles, incense, music ...
  • Relax and let go. Observe the sensations you can feel.
  • The session will last between 45 and 60 minutes.

Distance Reiki allows us to

There are several advantages of receiving distance Reiki, these are some of them:

  • Without having to travel, you receive it where you want.
  • No limitations of time, you receive when it suits you.
  • It is much cheaper than a conventional Reiki session.
  • The energy acts more subtly, becoming deeper.

Now is the time for healing, for finding oneself, to feel peace ...

When I need distance Reiki?

There are many situations in which the distance Reiki can help us either to find healing, to have a spiritual experience or to improve our lives. Let us look at some examples:

Reiki is a complementary therapy that can be used with other treatments to find healing. Reiki is especially effective for the treatment of all kind of emotional disorders (stress, anxiety, depression, etc.), healing of the energical or subtle parts like aura and chakras. In general, Reiki is a therapy that can help us to find a comprehensive balance of our being, although we must do our part.
If in our near future we have some important or difficult moment, such as an exam, a job interview, an important meeting ... We can use Reiki to positively influence the future. It is about creating a more conducive energetic and emotional environment for us at that critical moment it is awaiting us.
If we are in a moment of spiritual awakening, personal growth in our lives, receiving a distant Reiki session can help us to have experience with more subtle energies or to deepen in the meditation. Reiki is also very useful cleaning interlocks that we have and that hinder our spiritual advancement.
Miquel is a specialist helping in the transit of death through distance Reiki. If you have a person close to you who is about to die, Reiki can help greatly in the transition of death. Reiki helps us to find peace at that crucial moment of our lives and guides us to have a transit process more positive and easier.


I offer you four different styles of Reiki distance to help you heal at different levels and have different experiences. You will also find special offers:

Usui Tibetan Reiki


40€ 50$ 35£
per sesion

Miquel uses the techniques and symbols of this popular system. It is characterized by a very powerful and direct energy.

Traditional Japanese Reiki

The original

40€ 50$ 35£
per sesion

Miquel uses the techniques and symbols of the traditional system. Characterized by purity, power and simplicity.

Karuna Reiki healing


40€ 50$ 35£
per sesion

Miquel uses the techniques and symbols of Karuna system. It is characterized by an especially loving and compassionate energy.

Special Reiki

Premium Choice

50€ 60$ 45£
per sesion

This is a more complete treatment. Miquel uses the techniques and symbols of all Reiki systems plus personal symbols and special techniques.

Special ofer 1

5-Sessions Special Reiki

235€ 275$ 210£

Miquel will give you a 5-session treatment, which is an initial treatment for many ailments. If your case is not very severe with 5 sessions may be enough to find healing.
Save 5%.

Special ofer 2

10-Sessions Special Reiki

450€ 515$ 400£

Miquel will perform a 10-session treatment, which is a complete treatment for many ailments. If your case is acute, chronic or severe, this is your best option to find healing. Save 10%.


Hi Miquel. I really liked your description of the session because I've felt very wrapped at all times. At the beginning, my anxiety was great, and soon I was able to pacify and notice a sweet company that has accompanied me to the end. Above all I have noticed a continuous power of welfare and an exterior and interior peace that has made me feel a very short hour. It has been a pleasant experience and I am very happy that it has also been for you. A strong embrace of light.
John Graham

Hello, Miquel. Thank you for this gift ... has been a "unique" ... completely different from the others. In fact, i could not tell whether it was an initiation or a Reiki session, mostly by the habit we have to be guided by our past experiences. I reckon have been about 40 minutes although certain sensations still have yet ...
At first I have a feeling that I always have with the Reiju: hot and movement of energy throughout the body, then I pass about 10 minutes crying at the point of scare my dog that sat on me :) and at the end I stayed with my hands and legs icy, even though all this time the movement of energy along my legs from the base chakra was tremendous. At the moment, I still have the energy flow crossing my legs and with a "fire burning" in my solar plexus.
Brittany Perkins

Well I have loved the session! Really felt much peace and waves of energy passing through my body! I'll tell you that felt like a pressure in the stomach and between the heart and neck (as if putting his hand in there) I think they are the places where the chakras 3 and 5 do not? I'm new at this but I try to understand and learn 😃😃😀 And you're right about the emotional unresolved issue that I hope it will be resolved soon and I could forgive and find peace!
About the 6th chakra: yes I am very intuitive (I feel situations or things that are going to happen - used to have premonitory dreams) I see things- well I've seen 2 times 2 spirits (this was when I was a child) and I feel things too! I wanted to ask you something! Did you say that my guides accompanied you? Could you tell me more about these guides? Who are they? We all have guides?
Thank you so much for this great therapy! I felt myself with energy and felt it through my body! I think it's because I can be so intuitive hehehe
Sarah Lancaster

I chose to receive the session on the roof of my building where I have a study because it is a sunny place (I can not live without sun) and hear the birds. I lay on the floor a few minutes before and I relax. Suddenly clearly I got the question if I want energy, I said yes. Start something like a drop, it seems to fall asleep but completely lucid. I felt like a expansion, not in my body, but in an inseparable part of it, something material, soft and at the same time very strong. While my mind was completely blank with an immense sense of pleasure, kindness, security, joy!
After feeling the change, again felt thin, like I am, but my skin glowed ... In a short while I felt somewhere else. Something soft took me with love, like ocean waves ... I opened my eyes a little, I was watching blurry, only I saw the bright sun and beautiful around me. I felt this wave down and then up several times. Until it vanished...
Misaki Kawaguchi

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"There are moments in our lives when we need someone to lend us a hand, to give us a push in the right direction, providing us love, understanding and peace. Now it is the time to move forward."

Miquel Vidal

About me

Hello! My name is Miquel Vidal and I am Reiki Master. Currently I am dedicated to teaching Reiki through internet and also to do distance Reiki treatments. Over the years, the universe has been guiding me to improve myself to perform remote initiations and therapies.

Miquel Vidal

Is a Master in this Reiki systems: Usui Tibetan Reiki, Traditional Japanese Reiki, Karuna Reiki and Bio-Reiki. It has more than 12 years of experience teaching courses and performing treatments. Miquel is an expert in the application of Reiki as a tool for personal growth and spiritual development. Also, he has extensive experience performing distance treatments and initiations with very successful results. Miquel is the creator of several web initiatives such as, where he has created a new system of teaching Reiki online . It is also therapist and professor of the Metamorphic Technique, meditation expert, tarotist, spiritual counselor and author of numerous articles.
Find out more about Miquel...


If you have any doubts about how distance Reiki therapy works, you can use the form below to contact me.

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Where am I?

I currently live in Glastonbury, England.
A magical place, with great spiritual energy that inspires and empowers me to perform Reiki distance treatments.

20-22 Wenlock Road, London N1 7GU. England.